Manual Fruit Juicer Hand Press Kitchen Grade Aluminum


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Juice Without the Fuss

Do you need a way to juice oranges, lemons, pomegranates, limes and other fruit whether you’re at home or away?
Have you tried automatic juicers but been underwhelmed by the so-so results and the annoying cleanup?
Do you want a juicer that you can take on vacation as easily as you can juice on your kitchen counter?

Try This Hand-Juicer from ImPress!

With a solid aluminum construction, teflon coating, and easy filtering with reusable filter bags, this manual juicer brings you the results you’d expect without the hassle!

Smarter and Safer Design: We’ve learned from the shortcomings of other manual juicers. The ImPress’ design keeps the pulp perfectly separated and does not allow spillage. The durable teflon coating won’t bleed or chip away toxic chemicals into your juice.

Neither Bend Nor Break: The PP filter and reservoir enable perfect filtration and capture of pure juice without breaking, bending, or allowing any toxins to enter your juice.

Only What You Want: Whether you’d like a bit of pulp or none at all, the screw end lets you precisely set your preference.

Pull Apart and Clean: The ImPress easily comes apart, and it’s a breeze to clean with soap and water. A dishwasher is not recommended as it could remove some of the Teflon coating.

Plug the Gap: Prior designs could allow a gap to form between the filter and reservoir, which could introduce undesirable fruit parts into your juice; the seamless construction of the ImPress prevents that so you end up with only your juice, your way.

Lifetime Guarantee: If you’re ever unhappy with the performance of your Ex-Press, we’re right here with a prompt refund or replacement.

Juice with the Best of Them for a Fraction of the Cost; Order Your Ex-Press Today, and Enjoy!

Color Silver
Material Polypropylene, Aluminum


About this item

  • JUICE YOUR WAY: Whether you’d like to wake up each morning to fresh-squeezed juice, give a cocktail some fresh, natural flavor, or even use the juice to tenderize fish or poultry, you can do it all in more in comfort and safety with the ImPress manual fruit juicer.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN FEEL: The ImPress is a well-made hand juicer/citrus squeezer with a Teflon-coated aluminum body that won’t bleed or chip and a food-grade PP plastic filter and reservoir which will not allow any toxins to foul your juice. It won’t break, it won’t bend, and the screw-off end makes for easy adjustment and cleaning with soap and water.
  • KEEP THEM SEPARATED: The best fruit squeezer is no good to you if you can’t easily separate the juice from the pulp and seeds. Our unique design keeps the juice reservoir cordoned off from the filter but without the gap that would allow undesirable parts of the fruit to ruin your juice. We even include two reusable filter bags!
  • COMFORT SQUEEZE: Sometimes the handle of a juice squeezer makes it uncomfortable or downright painful to juice for any length of time. We created an ergonomic handle that you can grab and squeeze comfortably every time.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: If you’re ever unsatisfied with your ImPress juicer hand press, just let us know and we’ll make it right with a refund or replacement. Enjoy the flare that only fresh citrus can bring; click Add to Cart and order your exprimidor de limon – or your manual fruit juice squeezer – today!


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