Remax Car Charger


  • Model: RCC-222
  • Ukuran: 45,1 x 24,5 mm
  • Input: DC12 – 24V
  • Output: DC5V – 2.4A MAX ( 2 port USB )
  • High Quality Material
  • Car Cigarette Plug
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
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is a technical device that allows you to charge your phone, tablet or other portable equipment in the car. It works through the cigarette lighter, converting the voltage (12 V) into the necessary to charge the phone.

When choosing it is important to focus on the quality of the product. If you want to quickly and safely charge the vehicle on the road, you should purchase the original device. They are based on a voltage transformer that allows you to achieve the voltage and current required for fast charging. Cheap counterparts will also charge your phone, but the power may not be enough for modern smartphones and tablets, which consume a lot of energy due to the work of massive touch screens.

CAM is absolutely safe. Phones and tablets have a built-in surge protection system, so nothing can happen to them. If you choose an inexpensive option, the maximum that awaits you is a slow charging of the device.

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