Wireless Mouse Black


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  • 2.4 Wireless Mouse Black.


1000dpi high accuracy red light tracking engine It is 2.4 times quicker than a common optical mouse. The highly accurate specific red light technology at 1000dpi provides more smooth and accurate control and more extensive surface adaptability. The unique 5-section power saving mode of 2.4GHz provides the optimal supply management, and in addition to the power switch at the bottom of the mouse. So when the mouse is not used, the mouse can be switched off. In general cases, one AAA alkali battery can be used for three months or more. Automatically connection, i.e. a plug-and-forget ultra thin receiver Connect the receiver to the vacant USB interface of the notebook, and then mount the battery for the mouse. There is an instantaneous response within 1 second without any necessary coding process. You can enjoy the wireless freedom and forget the existence of the receiver.

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